I know what you’re thinking; “If only I could tuck my skinny jeans.” You want to improve your health. You want to be in good shape. You need long, smooth and sexy muscles all over your body. But the physical transformation you crave is just a glimpse of what you really want. It’s kind of the tip of the iceberg. You need the feeling you get when you get those results. You like that feeling; you have when you reach a body that others envy. People are looking for endorphins that pass through your brain when you’re struggling, working hard and getting the hard-earned results you deserve.

Many of us still play by the scenarios that the world teaches us. Some of us are content with the experiences and skills that parents, friends, teachers, and family members have given us. These scenarios and schedules are designed to survive. You have to do it, behave and act, because if you don’t, something bad will happen. All these views are based on THE FREE.

You don’t have to agree with the dog-dog mentality. You can create your own schedules. You can change the paradigm from fear and fear to love and hope. What you think or expect will eventually happen to you. So send a good mood. Hope and hope for a happy and joyful life; a life in which good things happen when you work hard and treat people fairly.

Make sure your intestines are clean and in good condition. Make room for the right things. Erase old bad thoughts. Expect your life to improve. Tell yourself you deserve better. You have to be your own cheerleader. You have to believe and wish good things to come to you. Then they come to you. You make decisions out of hope and faith, not fear. We all have things and circumstances that can knock us down. But you still have the choice to pull yourself together and make decisions that will bring you prosperity. Surround yourself with happy and sympathetic people. Don’t waste your time on pessimists. Life is too short. You have to look inside yourself and overcome the obstacles and negative things that can weigh us down if we let them in. Connect daily with your higher power and have faith that comes from prayer and meditation.

Health and fitness don’t just happen. It’s not just an external transformation. It’s because of the way you think you’re changing. You have to be healthy from the inside out and let it transform into your physical qualities. Many people have audiobooks that can help you turn scripts in your head from devastating to inspiring. First of all, never underestimate the power of prayer and meditation. Also on Jennifer Nicole Lee’s website there is a great selection of inspirational audio files. Stephen Covey, Sig Siglar and Joe Vitale are three other authors whose work, in my opinion, has been of great benefit.

Remember that not everything that’s worth it is easy. They call them mountains for a reason. If you click hard enough, be authentic in your thinking and open to change; you’ll be persistent.

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