Here we offer 32 years of collaborative experience, combined in 3 simple steps that will help improve any fitness regime and maintain good health.

Our overall experience in the health sector spans more than 32 years. During this time, all new participants in our gyms have undergone an initial conversation or evaluation that has partly focused on questions about their fitness program. We looked at what forms of regular exercise they take, and also answered general questions about diet and lifestyle. The results shed light on some very interesting facts on how to achieve and stay healthy. As for knowledge in these three areas, we have found that most people already have good basic knowledge. These results have proved beyond doubt over the years that wellness is more than knowledge. Simply put, people know what to do, but it is very difficult for them to realize it in their lives. Today we all have infinitely more information about well-being available to us from a variety of sources.

So why do we find out that most people still don’t lead healthy lives?

Communicating with tens of thousands of people, we found that the dominant factor in achieving results was the way of thinking of the people involved. When people are busy with everyday life, sometimes it is easier to put a busy schedule before training. Burger, French fries and soft drinks take precedence over chicken, salad and water. We often justify these decisions in different ways. We often promise to return to our fitness program tomorrow or Monday morning when we finish the weekend. So what’s the answer?

How can we not push our health into the future?

The answer is to be our own health coach. A professional coach puts people back on the right track and that’s what we need to do for ourselves. A professional coach in any field is always on the lookout for new ideas and knowledge that will help their coaches. But just as importantly, the way they convey these ideas and knowledge, it must be done emotionally, purposefully, with enthusiasm and a call to action.

Similarly, if we start training in the field of recovery and fitness. We must become emotional in our inner speech, and well-being must become one of our core values. We must emphasize the importance of good health in our minds. Then we will be able to work effectively, having the knowledge that we are taught. This will help us stick to the training schedule, but take matters into our own hands. Stop relying on the support of instructors in the gym or inspiration from an article promising good health after 6 weeks. So this brings us to the next question…

How do we make well-being a fundamental value that will have a positive impact on our fitness activities?

We were both inspired to put good health at the top of our list, thanks to the events that have taken place in our lives, as our book “From Strength to Strength” says you can get on Amazon. But if you haven’t had an experience that has changed your life, you can take three steps to improve your fitness program:

  1. Ask yourself better questions. Don’t ask, “How can I fit exercise into my daily routine?” but ask yourself, “What will I feel if I lose a goal of 6 pounds?”
  2. Be emotional. Communicate clearly and emotionally with yourself. Focus on how you will feel when you let go and what you will feel when you succeed. Let the tears come to your eyes, but speak to yourself as if you are really serious.
  3. Use your creative imagination through visualization. Napoleon said, “Imagination rules the world.” By appearing, you can take control of your world when it comes to entice yourself to act and step in your physical form. If you can’t imagine it, take photos of how you want to look from the magazine and place them where you can see them regularly. Soon they will be in your head where you will be able to visualize yourself in this situation.

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