However, you still need to scan your hard drive to search for files that may not be backed up anywhere else. The reset options for standard Android are fairly clear. David NieldGoogle has always developed his software for the cloud, and everything from Gmail to Google Photos lives mainly online. However, you must continue to ensure that everything you need is in the cloud and that you don’t have to save anything on your phone .

Downloaded content, ringtones, images, applications and contacts. Does not delete the data stored on the SIM card or the SD card There is no easy way to safely clean the game console memory.

Desktop programs such as the Steam and Adobe Photoshop game portal synchronize data with and from the cloud. However, it is worth checking whether the apps you use regularly actually create the backups you expect from them. You should also find out if you can easily download them again after the restart.

However, if you want to completely delete your Android phone, the answer to this problem is very simple. All you have to do is encrypt your phone data before meid vs imei you reset it to the factory. If you do these simple steps, you can easily protect your personal information and be sure before you give away your phone.

If you format the phone, you will lose your call and message history unless you have backed up. You can use the native backup feature available on Android and iPhone or download third party backup applications. Your telephone data will be deleted by resetting the factory data. While the data stored in your Google account can be restored, all applications and your data are uninstalled.

Google introduced FRP on Android 5.0 Lollipop as an additional security level to prevent someone from restarting and selling their device when it is lost or stolen. If you do not provide this credentials, the device remains locked and is not accessible. Of course, this is not correct, especially if you try to sell it or give it away. Once Find My iPhone is enabled, you can access lost or deleted features through

Even if someone wants to restore data using one of the data recovery tools, they must first provide a specific key to decrypt the data. If 5.0 Lollipop or higher is running on the phone or tablet, you can have active Android device protection or factory reset protection. This feature makes the phone unusable for a new owner when it is restarted because you cannot activate it without entering a previously used Google account and password.

If the future owner of your device invests in this software, you should take additional steps to protect your data. Before you sell your device, you can really protect your data by encrypting it before trying to restart it. In this way, you can intentionally delete your phone directly from the lock screen. Imagine someone forcing you to unlock your device and you have no choice but to stick to it.

Go to Settings again, then to Security and activate the phone . A warning screen indicates that the process takes some time and cannot be undone without resetting your phone or tablet. You must also enter your PIN or password before you can continue.

Everything on his phone was encrypted and could only be called up by someone with the phone access code. As soon as you have restarted the factory, this is no longer possible. I don’t think it really matters whether you withdraw your SIM card before restarting the factory or not. Your photos and videos are stored in the phone’s memory and can be saved on the phone’s SD card if you have one. Open both locations: the phone folder and the card folder.

How to Factory Reset a MacBook Pro

Factory resetting a MacBook Pro or any Apple gadget can solve many macOS problems, especially when one is thinking about selling it .It is not only important to do it before selling it but also when you want to clear the cache of your computer or want a fresh start for the machine. Factory resetting a MacBook Pro helps to a good extent if one is passing on an old MacBook to their friends or family members ,or want to sell it or looking to fix some unsolved issue in their computer. Here are some options in case you are looking for selling my macbook pro.

In order to factory reset a MacBook Pro one needs to clone or backup all the important files and documents before wiping out the data in the hard drive .This allows the computer to set the computer like a new Mac. One can also sync the important data with iCloud. Also logging out from every software or application one has been working on is very important before resetting a MacBook Pro to it’s factory settings. To remove all the data from the Mac before selling it is necessary to save oneself from identity theft, so once if it is reset then you don’t have to worry about someone accessing your personal information. Resetting a Laptop is a very sensitive work. If you’re having any difficulty in resetting or if you want to take a help from some expert then you can reach out to NSS Laptop Service Center anywhere in India in your locality.

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Here are some detailed steps on how to factory reset a MacBook Pro and what safety measures should be kept in mind while doing it.

One must make sure to connect the internet while factory resetting a MacBook so that the latest copy of macOS can be downloaded. The cloning or backing up all the data can be done using the Time Machine software that Apple provides to backup a mac. A separate storage device or a MacOS server is required to backup. Time machine stores a copy of all the data in a Mac. A large external storage device like a USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt hard drive or SSD that is plugged into a mac, is required for the backup through Time Machine. But one must not need to have a Time machine backup if the data is synced to iCloud.

Once the backup has been done, one must deauthorise their computer from the iTunes store and they will no longer be linked to the iTunes account. If macOS Catalina is running in a MacBook Pro, iTunes no longer exists as a standalone app so instead one has to access the iTunes store via the new Music app.

Steps to do it:

>Open Music app 

> select Music

> Preferences from the menu bar

>Go to the General tab

Select iTunes store. One can access their account from here and deauthorize the computer.

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The next step is turning off the iCloud. Before starting, if one has any iCloud files that were created on the Mac, they will be stored in their Home folder. 


Once the mac is backed up and iCloud connections have been shut off, the Mac is ready for the wipe out process.


One should not just sell their Mac having erased the contents otherwise the new user will be confronted with a flashing question mark when they will start up the mac as there will be no operating system installed. So it is necessary to reinstall macOS before one can sell it.

Alternatively, if one is planning to continue to use the Mac and just wanted to do a clean install for themselves, then they would want to install a new version of macOS.



Therefore, The guide to Factory reset a MacBook Pro ,wipe out all the data and reinstalling a new version before handing it over to a new user will provide a clean slate to the machine in an unblemished factory state, as if it was fresh out of the box.

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