There is an old English proverb; “A man gets old only when his dreams turn into regrets.” Oh, how true that statement is. When I traveled to the Nepalese Himalayas a few years ago, I even had to admit defeat at the top because I just didn’t have the strength to move on. At the time I was only 37 years old and I was in good shape but dominated by altitude, lack of air and very low temperatures.

So it was until the young traveller on the way back told me to keep going, because in the seventies there were two women at the top celebrating their achievement with a joint picnic for all who wanted them to join again.

On this earth there was no way that I was defeated by the old chicks, and I suddenly found myself with this new force that put me on my feet and pushed me to the limit until I collapsed, finally exhausted upstairs.

Unfortunately, two pensioners have since moved and descended from the north side of the top, but this incident has shown me that we have more to get up inside than we think if we just force ourselves to go the extra mile. I also came to the conclusion that in many respects physical form and well-being are associated with mental state. Of course, it is important to know its limits, but nowadays there is so much hype that it is dangerous and too much can lead to complications, etc.

These troubles with old ladies also shrugged off the old excuse that many of us use in our forties, regretting that we have done nothing, and using age as an excuse to make this regret a missed opportunity. Physical form and well-being of a person do not end with age. I’m not suggesting a 101-year-old and a 16-year-old great-grandmother do bungee jumps every weekend, but here I’m talking about perspective.

It’s time for people to bring back dynamism and vitality to their lives. It is time to get rid of procrastination and replace it with courage, enthusiasm, new life and abandonment of old age and fragility just because the media say it is necessary to slow down while young people take over. Obviously, if you start ‘moving’ again after years of inactivity, be sure to tell your doctor before making any major lifestyle changes, but if you are worried about your health and well-being, you will make an attempt to understand the meaning. into your life, no matter what.

Forget about countless recumbent diets, because they will not return your fitness and well-being, it is activity. Refuse to sit down and give up life. Get out of God’s waiting room and return to the playground of life. With a slight change in attitude and some guidance from knowledgeable people, you can be reborn if you want to do so strongly enough. The next chapter doesn’t have to be grim, and great things will really come true when you work for them.

Just before I’m done, I want to go back to my first paragraphs. At the time, I was traveling in West Asia and literally lost count of the couple of retirees I met who sold their family home, invested in new homes, smaller and more suitable ones, and used the money earned with the downgrade. traveling the world. All these old men had one thing in common. They did what they had always dreamed of, and refused to admit that their dreams in their youth remained dreams only because they were much older.

Fitness and well-being are often the focus. Healthy spirit, healthy body. The fact is that people who are active and have a real interest in life have far fewer physical and mental health problems than those who do not. How about you? Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your life journey?

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