Many of you have written to me about how to get closer to the days when you don’t exercise, you don’t have a nutrition plan and you don’t plan on attending fitness events. We usually call these days “weekends” or “weekends,” some people even have “low season”, and I tend to think that these names are quite appropriate. I think the most important idea or concept that we have to stick to, who are committed to and lead a fitness lifestyle, is that our bodies are never inactive. The only time your body is going to do nothing is when you’re dead and still doing something; it’s called decomposition. And seriously, we have to remember that keeping in shape is more than a workout in the gym or a series of well-planned meals, it’s really a way of life. The media and marketing do an excellent job of selling goods, but they have also given many people an unrealistic idea of what form is, how it looks and how to live in form.

A popular thought to avoid

I often communicate with people who participate in bodybuilding and bodybuilding competitions. It is a sport that I personally love and respect. These sports are characterized by a lot of great athletes and they have always been in my heart as one of my favorite personalities and friends. Most people (but rarely athletes) tend to label these people the wrong label and mistakenly view them as a supreme symbol of a fitness lifestyle. In most cases (there are exceptions) I can tell you that there is nothing further from the truth. I’ve led this lifestyle for most of my life, so I know what I’m talking about.

In my experience, most of these people do fitness day and night only when it’s time to prepare for competition. The rest of the year, many of them won’t train for weeks, eat whatever they want, and indulge in overeating, literally overflowing with food, turning around and switching to exercise.

Over time, large fluctuations in body weight, steroid abuse and an ever-changing diet take their toll. Once they have a competitive phase in their lives, most of them tend to become amateur athletes and end up with the same physical disabilities as most other people. Although exercise is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy life, we need to create life qualities that will persist after our competitive days are over. I’ve struggled with this for years and I can say it’s a big challenge for a former athlete.

Meet each other, it will be a long trip

Fitness (for life) involves understanding the shortcomings of your condition and creating a lifestyle that will improve and keep it at a high level. It’s that simple. He does not rush for the summer and gains full weight in the autumn lifestyle. Of course, there are times when a healthy person can decide to cover one aspect of fitness and significantly improve it to take advantage of it, but it should be remembered that there is no end point.

It’s such a simple key concept that’s missing from most people’s lives. Fitness life never ends. It doesn’t stop when you stop playing sports, it doesn’t stop when you get married, and it doesn’t stop when you start your own business. For those who live in good shape, there is no stopover. Of course, we all have setbacks, difficulties and challenges that need to be overcome; But we overcome them. We know that these setbacks, difficulties and challenges will be overcome if we lead a fitness lifestyle. In other words, we do not adjust our way of life to solve problems, we solve problems while maintaining our way of life. As simplistic as it sounds, I’ve found that this is probably the most difficult aspect of fitness that most people have to deal with.

Of course, there are meals, days and times when we do things that contradict our beliefs and life in fitness. But they are the exception, not the rule. These things are allowed into our lives as a departure from the norm, as short events that contribute to our lives in other ways and cost their money.

Here are some examples:

Eat a cake with your baby on his birthday – it gives birth so much positive
Have a drink with an old friend who needs to talk – friends are priceless, it won’t hurt you
Enjoy cultural activities by participating in food and drink – much in life is impossible to replace
So you see the picture. Living in good shape is not a year-round exercise with six cubes of press (but you can) until you get married and then swallow the beer belly. Living in good shape is a lifetime of choices and actions that lead to your physical perfection, as your life moves from stage to stage and from relationship to relationship. What I like most about fitness is that it’s never too late to start. It’s an amazing concept that has changed the lives of millions of people, including me, and it can do the same for you if you want.

I encourage you to take a close look at most of the lifestyle choices you are making right now and think about how to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into these things to create and build a lifestyle that will help you from now on, giving you an excellent level of ability. Saucy. You can do it! Living in good shape is your choice, and the choice is yours.

It’s for you!

Jared Meacham, MS Ed., CSCS.

Jared is a fitness entrepreneur, personal trainer and licensed weight loss expert. He is the creator of a weight loss program for women. He also owns Precision Body Designs, LLC and is the creator of the Dirty Fitness training program.

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