The pleasure of work provides perfection in work. Aristotle

Make no mistake, fitness is hard work. It’s not easy to do it day after day. At least until we work on it for a while.

Duration varies from person to person. But six months should be taken as a landmark. Expecting something less, fitness falls into the category of instant gratification – it’s not true.

That’s why our efforts should be fun. This is the only way to keep them for at least six months. For the most part, this time span seems eternal. But this is only because at first no one likes to go to the club every day, always take supplements and eat only foods low in fat and sugar. Why is this so?

“Because everything is boring,” the majority will say. None of us like something nasty. We prefer to eat what is delicious rather than relying on 40 or 50 tablets during the day and every night recline in front of the TV. All this should be better, if not healthier, than the rigor of fitness.

However, if we want to take advantage of the benefits of a fitness lifestyle, we need to embrace it and stick to it. There is no other way. Fitness cannot be obtained with the help of a magic doctor’s tablet (usually overwhelming appetite). And not from a new simulator, which can be used in twenty minutes in a day. Both can work in conjunction with cardiovascular activity for at least an hour a day, with a full set of supplements and a reasonably planned diet. But in themselves, these quick fixes are a waste of precious time and hard earned money. Deep down, we all know that there are no easy answers.

That’s what makes fitness so boring. We all know that this is more than just a minor effort. And it needs to be preserved. Of course, in a sense it can be nothing but a daily habit of brushing your teeth. But fitness takes longer. In fact, it takes thirty times longer (assuming it takes three minutes and a total of ninety minutes to go to the gym, practice and then adjust again). This is the main problem. Looks like we just can’t take the time out of our already over-planned day.

However, we can find time for everything we have or want to do, which requires physical preparation. We need to find an hour and a half a day. There is no other way. Something else needs to be put back in the background or forgotten.

Once that’s done, all we have to do is get us to do what we need to do. It requires us to make our new engagement as exciting as the one we abandoned. In other words, we need to make the bike as enjoyable as sitting in front of the TV. This may seem impossible until we understand that cable TV is installed on most simulators.

For those who don’t like to ride a bike, there are other options, such as wearing headphones with your favorite music or even recording books. It can be worn while walking on a treadmill or even on simulators. These are just suggestions. The fact is that you need to get rid of fatigue from training to make it pleasant. Otherwise, we will be constantly tempted to abandon our efforts long before they can ever be able to pay.

It seems almost unnecessary to explain why this is true. Over the past 50 years, almost all of us have been programmed to accept our desire for pleasures, which are now called needs. In addition, we were brought up in such a way that we equated convenience with a good American life. If you are over-employed or over-engaged in physical activity, this indicates a psychological problem, if not a non-American attitude.

Another reason is that we all work hard all day, not to mention long commutes to work.

This applies to anyone who is unfamiliar with fitness. However, this is not true after we have been in shape for some time and seen the results. Then these products become less pleasant. But until then, to put it mildly, they are tempting. That’s why our dietary products should be delicious.

It means reading original recipes with herbs and spices. There is no other simple answer. We must learn to cook and eat again. In other words, we need to learn to eat not like our family and friends. We need to find new tasty substitutes low in fat and sugar for what we eat today. Failure to do so only makes the temptation to return to old habits too tempting.

Supplements should also be discussed. We need them. But most of us don’t want to take them. These are pills, so they don’t bring pleasure. In addition, our MD does not encourage its use. As if that wasn’t enough, they cost extra money. However, they are important for supporting our daily workouts. Without them, we simply won’t be able to recover quickly enough for tomorrow’s training. We will also not have the strength to maintain the same stable pace. That’s why we need a nice way to inject supplements into our body. In general, swallowing them with our favorite natural fruit juice is fun.

The point is that we have to have a good time doing what we need to do to keep doing it. Putting what we love into our fitness lifestyle will make it possible. This gives us the best chance to ever go back to the old ways. Refusing to take our needs seriously in pleasure only encourages our own version of already overly familiar health clubs in March after the end of the New Year.

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