Each of us has the same, but unique task: to find our place in the world or, rather, in all aspects of our lives. It’s an endless task; find balance, our purpose and the meaning of life that are important personally. This is one of the main reasons why we are happy or unhappy.

Happiness or unhappiness in one area of life have a deep ability to move into other areas. The flow of parts of our lives is more interdependent than we would like to realize.

Indecision is an important indicator that our sense of fitness is distorted.


When we have periods that range from satisfaction to dissatisfaction – a state of hesitation between them, even on the same day – then we are undecided.

The truth is that when we struggle with our adequacy to the world – or, for example, in such an important aspect of our lives as our work – when we fight for meaning by confusing our role in it, ripples arise. area, even most of the time, our thoughts.

It’s never the best place to stay for long time.

When life is seen as a flow, something that we must balance, and that equilibrium is disturbed, then we can become less congruent within ourselves; Perhaps less definitely; certainly less decisive. Beyond haste, indecision is one of the two greatest obstacles to satisfaction.

And ironically, indecision will manifest itself in the most unexpected season. He can recommend himself in an already contested season for other independent reasons.


Living on an uncertain road can be compared to a ship with a small ballast; we imagine a ship that can tip over. Fixing the ship on the list can be difficult, but not as hard as it seems.

Changing imbalances may require a partial concentration of patience to navigate the stormy seas on the list, and a partial concentration in the distinction – the ability to conscious, but no less the ability to self-research – may be required, as well as the necessary modifications. Courage is the last part – sometimes we know what to do, and all we lack is a desire to do it.

Courage is relatively simple, given that patience and discernment are rooted in the character of perseverance, first, and secondly, recoil – not everyone has the ability or the ability to discern the way forward.

But if indecision is a marker, it is necessary to somehow shift the imbalance.

Just as indecision characterizes us as dissatisfaction, the solution can be very satisfying within. Therefore, determination is a more direct path to true blessing.

Decisiveness can be an indication that we have found our place in the world; at least in important parts of our world.

There is an interdependence between determination and happiness. Those who integrate into their world are satisfied. But also finding your place in the world is more of a journey than a destination. Because of the changes, our “fitness” needs to be maintained.

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