What’s going on, all your fitness fans and sisters? I really hope you’re doing well…

It’s December, and looking back, it’s time for my annual fitness year.

Unfortunately, it seems that the fitness industry as a whole has not made much progress in providing a short-term, long-term or any other long-term solution to the large-scale obesity epidemic in our country, which is not the case. It’s not just a national crisis (oh yes, it’s a CRISIS of THE WORLD), but a global catastrophe (okay, officially a pandemic).


The disgusting fact that our country has become due to poor nutrition (NOTE – not thanks to real junk and constant information from the general public for too long) and the lack of REALLY EFFECTIVE exercises (NOTE – this is, for example, SAD, even when ALL IS, WINNER, HIGH REALLY GOOD AND COSYNANCE AND COSYN GAS IS not considered an exercise …) is not only thicker, more painful. We have successfully passed on to young people a new disease – juvenile diabetes TIPA II.

Man, things really screwed up! Now we have to catch up. So, I’m going to offer some really positive updraft strategies that, for lack of a better term, will become fitness trends in 2010. These ideas will help both our youth and our adults to find the best. solutions to improve health and well-being.

What’s done is done. It’s time to make this country the GREAT and REALLY nation we deserve again!

Does that look nice? … Cool! We’re here…

2010 – The year when we finally get in shape and GET. Adjust. Finished.

Fitness Trend No.1 – Fitness fees will replace individual personal training

Hey, who can afford one-on-one tuition for $60 after this two-year recession? The answer is very little.

Well, solutions come with problems. And the growing popularity of fitness training camps has become a solution to the problem of personal training. Training camps are now the WORLD’s MOST HOT in the world of fitness! The training camp model provides a win-win option for coaches and clients, making individual training virtually obsolete. Fitness trainers can make better use of their time as they can serve large groups and maximize their profits. Fitness clients (participants in the training camp) have better access to personalized training services in a unique and dynamic team environment that provides excellent motivation, energy, social support and responsibility for just a third or less of the average person’s workout cost.

If you want to lose weight, look good and feel better in 2010, do yourself a favor… save some of your hard-earned dollars and just get the best results by visiting the camp.

This is the best decision you’ll make all year!

Fitness trend No.2 – Interval training will give a long boring training on aerobics an uncertain rhythm … ONE BEAT!

Why are high-intensity interval trainings gaining popularity so quickly? Because it works damn… BIG TIME!

It crushes endurance training because endurance training (takes 30 to 60 minutes or more)

focuses on the training volume. Here’s a typical example: your average runner will punch the kerb number of kilometers at the same pace, over and over again, day after day, week after week, month after month… hitting the body and becoming smaller. exciting results of this investment of time and energy. They burn weight, squandering muscle mass and destroying metabolism.

Discover the possibilities of HIIT right now. High-intensity interval training focuses on a much more important variable for productive exercise; and that’s the quality or intensity of the training. HIIT works similarly to weight training in the sense that it stimulates the body’s systems to maintain and even build muscle mass. And muscle growth is the key to a fat rhythm, better appearance, better feeling, BETTER GOOD! Hey, did you know how fat burns in your muscles? More muscle … Faster metabolism!

Another way – if you don’t want to look like the first 30 minutes of a marathon race is probably to train like that – not a good idea!

If you need the science behind this idea, take a look at these two important studies:

Tabata Study and Gibat’s Study

2010 is the year you get “Ripp It Up” with HIIT ALL-OUT EFFORT training and you’ll look better naked!

Fitness Trend No.3 – If we want better health, better performance and a good body, then…

We need to get rid of unnecessary sugar from our diet!

It’s not a buzzword. If someone still thinks that a diet high in carbohydrates and low in fat works, they probably haven’t seen the obvious devastation caused by this type of diet.

Here’s a very short list:

Two thirds of our population is overweight/obese.

-Diabetes has grown by 400% since the food pyramid of 1986 (recommended

and grains and low-fat)

-New disease … juvenile diabetes (another name for type II diabetes)

-Cancer diagnosis has exploded! The highest performance in history.

Hey, where’s the tumor? Sugar! Hmm…

Cardiovascular disease (a diet high in carbohydrates stimulates liver development.

circulation with triglycerides and LDL)

  • High-carb diets cause and support metabolic syndrome
  • A recent study by Johns Hopkins University has changed the way doctors treat some cancer patients. By eliminating carbohydrates from the diet of cancer patients, oncologists considered it unnecessary to treat many types of tumors with toxic doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy to reduce or completely eliminate the presence of these tumors.

Here we offer 32 years of collaborative experience, combined in 3 simple steps that will help improve any fitness regime and maintain good health.

Our overall experience in the health sector spans more than 32 years. During this time, all new participants in our gyms have undergone an initial conversation or evaluation that has partly focused on questions about their fitness program. We looked at what forms of regular exercise they take, and also answered general questions about diet and lifestyle. The results shed light on some very interesting facts on how to achieve and stay healthy. As for knowledge in these three areas, we have found that most people already have good basic knowledge. These results have proved beyond doubt over the years that wellness is more than knowledge. Simply put, people know what to do, but it is very difficult for them to realize it in their lives. Today we all have infinitely more information about well-being available to us from a variety of sources.

So why do we find out that most people still don’t lead healthy lives?

Communicating with tens of thousands of people, we found that the dominant factor in achieving results was the way of thinking of the people involved. When people are busy with everyday life, sometimes it is easier to put a busy schedule before training. Burger, French fries and soft drinks take precedence over chicken, salad and water. We often justify these decisions in different ways. We often promise to return to our fitness program tomorrow or Monday morning when we finish the weekend. So what’s the answer?

How can we not push our health into the future?

The answer is to be our own health coach. A professional coach puts people back on the right track and that’s what we need to do for ourselves. A professional coach in any field is always on the lookout for new ideas and knowledge that will help their coaches. But just as importantly, the way they convey these ideas and knowledge, it must be done emotionally, purposefully, with enthusiasm and a call to action.

Similarly, if we start training in the field of recovery and fitness. We must become emotional in our inner speech, and well-being must become one of our core values. We must emphasize the importance of good health in our minds. Then we will be able to work effectively, having the knowledge that we are taught. This will help us stick to the training schedule, but take matters into our own hands. Stop relying on the support of instructors in the gym or inspiration from an article promising good health after 6 weeks. So this brings us to the next question…

How do we make well-being a fundamental value that will have a positive impact on our fitness activities?

We were both inspired to put good health at the top of our list, thanks to the events that have taken place in our lives, as our book “From Strength to Strength” says you can get on Amazon. But if you haven’t had an experience that has changed your life, you can take three steps to improve your fitness program:

  1. Ask yourself better questions. Don’t ask, “How can I fit exercise into my daily routine?” but ask yourself, “What will I feel if I lose a goal of 6 pounds?”
  2. Be emotional. Communicate clearly and emotionally with yourself. Focus on how you will feel when you let go and what you will feel when you succeed. Let the tears come to your eyes, but speak to yourself as if you are really serious.
  3. Use your creative imagination through visualization. Napoleon said, “Imagination rules the world.” By appearing, you can take control of your world when it comes to entice yourself to act and step in your physical form. If you can’t imagine it, take photos of how you want to look from the magazine and place them where you can see them regularly. Soon they will be in your head where you will be able to visualize yourself in this situation.

Many of you have written to me about how to get closer to the days when you don’t exercise, you don’t have a nutrition plan and you don’t plan on attending fitness events. We usually call these days “weekends” or “weekends,” some people even have “low season”, and I tend to think that these names are quite appropriate. I think the most important idea or concept that we have to stick to, who are committed to and lead a fitness lifestyle, is that our bodies are never inactive. The only time your body is going to do nothing is when you’re dead and still doing something; it’s called decomposition. And seriously, we have to remember that keeping in shape is more than a workout in the gym or a series of well-planned meals, it’s really a way of life. The media and marketing do an excellent job of selling goods, but they have also given many people an unrealistic idea of what form is, how it looks and how to live in form.

A popular thought to avoid

I often communicate with people who participate in bodybuilding and bodybuilding competitions. It is a sport that I personally love and respect. These sports are characterized by a lot of great athletes and they have always been in my heart as one of my favorite personalities and friends. Most people (but rarely athletes) tend to label these people the wrong label and mistakenly view them as a supreme symbol of a fitness lifestyle. In most cases (there are exceptions) I can tell you that there is nothing further from the truth. I’ve led this lifestyle for most of my life, so I know what I’m talking about.

In my experience, most of these people do fitness day and night only when it’s time to prepare for competition. The rest of the year, many of them won’t train for weeks, eat whatever they want, and indulge in overeating, literally overflowing with food, turning around and switching to exercise.

Over time, large fluctuations in body weight, steroid abuse and an ever-changing diet take their toll. Once they have a competitive phase in their lives, most of them tend to become amateur athletes and end up with the same physical disabilities as most other people. Although exercise is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy life, we need to create life qualities that will persist after our competitive days are over. I’ve struggled with this for years and I can say it’s a big challenge for a former athlete.

Meet each other, it will be a long trip

Fitness (for life) involves understanding the shortcomings of your condition and creating a lifestyle that will improve and keep it at a high level. It’s that simple. He does not rush for the summer and gains full weight in the autumn lifestyle. Of course, there are times when a healthy person can decide to cover one aspect of fitness and significantly improve it to take advantage of it, but it should be remembered that there is no end point.

It’s such a simple key concept that’s missing from most people’s lives. Fitness life never ends. It doesn’t stop when you stop playing sports, it doesn’t stop when you get married, and it doesn’t stop when you start your own business. For those who live in good shape, there is no stopover. Of course, we all have setbacks, difficulties and challenges that need to be overcome; But we overcome them. We know that these setbacks, difficulties and challenges will be overcome if we lead a fitness lifestyle. In other words, we do not adjust our way of life to solve problems, we solve problems while maintaining our way of life. As simplistic as it sounds, I’ve found that this is probably the most difficult aspect of fitness that most people have to deal with.

Of course, there are meals, days and times when we do things that contradict our beliefs and life in fitness. But they are the exception, not the rule. These things are allowed into our lives as a departure from the norm, as short events that contribute to our lives in other ways and cost their money.

Here are some examples:

Eat a cake with your baby on his birthday – it gives birth so much positive
Have a drink with an old friend who needs to talk – friends are priceless, it won’t hurt you
Enjoy cultural activities by participating in food and drink – much in life is impossible to replace
So you see the picture. Living in good shape is not a year-round exercise with six cubes of press (but you can) until you get married and then swallow the beer belly. Living in good shape is a lifetime of choices and actions that lead to your physical perfection, as your life moves from stage to stage and from relationship to relationship. What I like most about fitness is that it’s never too late to start. It’s an amazing concept that has changed the lives of millions of people, including me, and it can do the same for you if you want.

I encourage you to take a close look at most of the lifestyle choices you are making right now and think about how to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into these things to create and build a lifestyle that will help you from now on, giving you an excellent level of ability. Saucy. You can do it! Living in good shape is your choice, and the choice is yours.

It’s for you!

Jared Meacham, MS Ed., CSCS.

Jared is a fitness entrepreneur, personal trainer and licensed weight loss expert. He is the creator of a weight loss program for women. He also owns Precision Body Designs, LLC and is the creator of the Dirty Fitness training program.

The pleasure of work provides perfection in work. Aristotle

Make no mistake, fitness is hard work. It’s not easy to do it day after day. At least until we work on it for a while.

Duration varies from person to person. But six months should be taken as a landmark. Expecting something less, fitness falls into the category of instant gratification – it’s not true.

That’s why our efforts should be fun. This is the only way to keep them for at least six months. For the most part, this time span seems eternal. But this is only because at first no one likes to go to the club every day, always take supplements and eat only foods low in fat and sugar. Why is this so?

“Because everything is boring,” the majority will say. None of us like something nasty. We prefer to eat what is delicious rather than relying on 40 or 50 tablets during the day and every night recline in front of the TV. All this should be better, if not healthier, than the rigor of fitness.

However, if we want to take advantage of the benefits of a fitness lifestyle, we need to embrace it and stick to it. There is no other way. Fitness cannot be obtained with the help of a magic doctor’s tablet (usually overwhelming appetite). And not from a new simulator, which can be used in twenty minutes in a day. Both can work in conjunction with cardiovascular activity for at least an hour a day, with a full set of supplements and a reasonably planned diet. But in themselves, these quick fixes are a waste of precious time and hard earned money. Deep down, we all know that there are no easy answers.

That’s what makes fitness so boring. We all know that this is more than just a minor effort. And it needs to be preserved. Of course, in a sense it can be nothing but a daily habit of brushing your teeth. But fitness takes longer. In fact, it takes thirty times longer (assuming it takes three minutes and a total of ninety minutes to go to the gym, practice and then adjust again). This is the main problem. Looks like we just can’t take the time out of our already over-planned day.

However, we can find time for everything we have or want to do, which requires physical preparation. We need to find an hour and a half a day. There is no other way. Something else needs to be put back in the background or forgotten.

Once that’s done, all we have to do is get us to do what we need to do. It requires us to make our new engagement as exciting as the one we abandoned. In other words, we need to make the bike as enjoyable as sitting in front of the TV. This may seem impossible until we understand that cable TV is installed on most simulators.

For those who don’t like to ride a bike, there are other options, such as wearing headphones with your favorite music or even recording books. It can be worn while walking on a treadmill or even on simulators. These are just suggestions. The fact is that you need to get rid of fatigue from training to make it pleasant. Otherwise, we will be constantly tempted to abandon our efforts long before they can ever be able to pay.

It seems almost unnecessary to explain why this is true. Over the past 50 years, almost all of us have been programmed to accept our desire for pleasures, which are now called needs. In addition, we were brought up in such a way that we equated convenience with a good American life. If you are over-employed or over-engaged in physical activity, this indicates a psychological problem, if not a non-American attitude.

Another reason is that we all work hard all day, not to mention long commutes to work.

This applies to anyone who is unfamiliar with fitness. However, this is not true after we have been in shape for some time and seen the results. Then these products become less pleasant. But until then, to put it mildly, they are tempting. That’s why our dietary products should be delicious.

It means reading original recipes with herbs and spices. There is no other simple answer. We must learn to cook and eat again. In other words, we need to learn to eat not like our family and friends. We need to find new tasty substitutes low in fat and sugar for what we eat today. Failure to do so only makes the temptation to return to old habits too tempting.

Supplements should also be discussed. We need them. But most of us don’t want to take them. These are pills, so they don’t bring pleasure. In addition, our MD does not encourage its use. As if that wasn’t enough, they cost extra money. However, they are important for supporting our daily workouts. Without them, we simply won’t be able to recover quickly enough for tomorrow’s training. We will also not have the strength to maintain the same stable pace. That’s why we need a nice way to inject supplements into our body. In general, swallowing them with our favorite natural fruit juice is fun.

The point is that we have to have a good time doing what we need to do to keep doing it. Putting what we love into our fitness lifestyle will make it possible. This gives us the best chance to ever go back to the old ways. Refusing to take our needs seriously in pleasure only encourages our own version of already overly familiar health clubs in March after the end of the New Year.

When we are not in good shape, we may experience many medical complications such as cardiovascular problems, body pain, metabolic disorders, obesity and more. It is very important for us to carry out our tasks properly. To achieve the perfect shape, it is best to participate in a fitness program. To make sure that we are doing our fitness program correctly, it would be nice to hire a fitness trainer to help us. But how do we know if it suits us in fitness? How do we know we’re not spending money on it?

Fitness is a pretty broad concept. This can mean good health, which can be achieved through proper nutrition and exercise. With this in mind, the coach should help us not only with fitness exercises, but also with everything we need to improve our health.

The coach’s job begins with assessing fitness. He should assess our condition and base his recipe for fitness exercises on his assessment. The coach should also be able to give us feedback or advice that can help us achieve good health. After assessing and prescribing the right fitness exercises, the fitness trainer should also help us perform fitness exercises correctly.

To help us perform prescribed fitness exercises, the fitness trainer should also closely monitor our development. It should guarantee an improvement in our metabolism and our physical performance. It should also make sure that physical improvements are noticeable.

The fitness coach should give us good motivation so that we can continue our fitness program and achieve positive results. It is also the work of a fitness trainer who helps us keep track of our diet. He should make sure that we not only exercise, but also work on food intake, so that our fitness efforts are not ignored in any way.

Although the instructors are not doctors, they are also trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, emergency weight lifting, first aid and other emergency medical procedures to ensure that we are safe in case of problems during our physical training program.

A fitness trainer can help us improve our health. If we are injured or ill, our doctor and physiotherapist can also see a physiotherapist to help us recover. This is because it is known that fitness exercises are very helpful in speeding up recovery.

A fitness coach can also help us prepare our bodies for basic physical activities such as the Olympic Games and the like. It can also help us improve the image of our body and regulate the function of our internal organs.

A fitness trainer is more than just a buddy in the gym. This is someone we trust with our health. This can do much more for us than just exercise.

We’ve all heard that slower eating means maintaining a healthier weight. I experienced this principle in my personal situation at work. I think there are advantages to that.

An example of this idea in practice is the importance I attach to using the sauce for appetizers, rather than adding sauce to it during cooking or after cooking. One of the main advantages of this strategy is that it makes my food intake slower and longer. It has been proven that when you slow down, you eat less because your body is naturally more aware of the feeling of satiety. When he feels full, slow down or stop eating. If you eat too fast, you are more likely to eat more than you need, and excess will be stored as fat.

Another reason why a slower diet is beneficial is to develop a healthier assessment of food and their tastes. If you take the time, you will develop a good habit of enjoying it. This habit benefits for life – there is slower: not only to enjoy food, but also to enjoy it. If you don’t grow with this approach and thinking, you have a better chance of eating faster. In addition, if you do not grow up with such a mindset, it will be very difficult for an adult to assimilate it.

The good news is that you only need a few minutes to sit down before eating, and this will have a significant impact on the results of weight loss in children. So developing these positive weight-keeping habits throughout life is not a problem. Small changes can yield positive results. This is the post about this article on Medicaldaily.com. The paper is a study by the journal Economics and Human Biology, which found positive differences in weight in children who ate slower at the traditional dining table.

Strategies to reduce meal times and get benefits for weight loss

My first strategy is a kind of tribute to modern reality, as well as the unorthodoxism of common sense. I say, don’t turn off the TV or anything else to make you comfortable. Today’s children will only want to leave faster if you ban their technological conveniences.

Another simple but less common approach is to offer food in the corridors, such as a restaurant. We usually put everything on the table. The problem with preparation is that you can’t set the pace and slow down. The probability that someone will grab and throw will be less, if you will bring food gradually.

The environment can also be determined by the atmosphere in the room. So make a contract so that the table is not a place of negativity or condemnation. These types of environments are places that children want to avoid and from which they want to escape as soon as possible. The more negativity, the more stress for everyone.

The article also provides an update on food planning and how to get along well with it. It’s a great idea because it develops the habit to such an extent that it becomes almost part of each person’s biological clock. If you’re just sitting at a table, the food can slow down if nothing else changes your approach.

Improving our health with a good exercise program should not be a matter of just hot weather and summer approaching. This should be part of a much bigger picture of your life path, where your strength and physical form are so important that “becoming what you do” is not just “what you do” when you have a tendency to do something physical.

If you’re still struggling to get in shape, it becomes a mountain that you never seem to get to the top of, and always feel out of reach. The transition from “good physical fitness” to “good physical form” is the essence and what are the real benefits.

Deep down (and most likely in your mind) you know that this is not some miracle exercise or magic food, or even some new exciting training device – it’s from you.

Only you have all the power and magic to shape and improve your life. And a special key that fully reveals your potential – your brightest life – is your strength.

We are talking about fitness that is below our outer layer – fitness that includes your health/medical profile, mood, energy, well-being, longevity and vitality of your mind. Fitness is not only your appearance – no, it is much wider and deeper. In this scenario, many factors come into play with the “infinite sense of fitness,” but one of the most important is their place in their path to a better quality of life.

As you continue to increase your physical strength through a strength training program, you also increase your inner strength, which comes from within, radiates and benefits all areas of your life.

We all have circumstances, experiences and life situations that affect who we are, how we think and what actions we take (or don’t do). At any point in our lives, we have the opportunity to step in to gain more control over who we are and what we want to do. As with any other life journey, the pursuit of strength and fitness means encountering obstacles, dangers and challenges. Sometimes we overcome these obstacles, and sometimes we need to dig deep to make sure that we continue to overcome them.

Although the negative signs of the aging process come to us slowly, we often take our health for granted while we are healthy. We pay little attention to the end results of our negative lifestyle habits. Sometimes we need to worry about health to encourage us to act, but if we show signs of illness or malaise, it may be too late. Poor health can melt deep inside for years, even decades, before manifesting itself. In the meantime, it could be a dead grip on your life.

We must understand that good health is never easy; it is something that needs to be maintained on a daily basis, and it requires a certain commitment to fitness and healthy eating not only sometimes, but every day.

One of the easiest ways to stay young is to stop the loss of muscle tissue, which begins at the age of 25 and lasts throughout life. As soon as you stop using your muscle strength, you will begin to lose it. And this loss of muscle mass is just the beginning. Inaction causes a cascade of weakening from the top of the top to the tips of the toes. It affects your brain, muscles and bones, major organs, sleep, your mental health, your ability to use glucose and more.

But the good news is that you can stop or even reverse it if it’s all already started with a good exercise program that includes strength training. This activity to build and maintain muscle mass is the incentive that makes most of the body’s organs function best.

It’s never too late to start, and today is a good day to start. Stop your struggle with fitness, admit it, and you will regret that you started many years ago, when you start to enjoy many of the benefits that will bring you a new-found strength.

Do you want to know the secret to rejuvenating your body, restoring lost vitality and improving your quality of life? Download my free e-book “Finding a Fountain of Youth – Let Me See You!” Ways to Look Younger

If you want to lose weight forever, check out the slimming solution and the free e-book.

Move, move and keep moving. If you have good physical health, I recommend everyone to keep moving as often as possible, because lack of exercise makes people stop.

My poor old grandmother, as you know, was lazy all her life and usually wanted to do as little as possible and as often as possible. The family has always told her that if she hopes to stay fit and be healthy when she really gets older, daily exercise is really in her best interest.

Unfortunately, he fell to the ears of death, and she lived, surrounded by disorder and chaos, until the day of her death. The poor old maid seemed to be hanging on her chair for the past few years, and the sad thing is that she never existed. His circulation was terrible, his physical strength was insignificant, and even such a common task as going to the toilet, became a serious event requiring help.

Every year it becomes more and more difficult to stay in shape and mobility. We all know that. As the body ages, it naturally weakens. But there is still a mass of much older people who can do to ensure good health and overall well-being in recent years.

The ancient art of Tai Chi is one of these forms or exercises, the popularity of which is growing. The reason why this type of exercise is so attractive to older people is that it is performed slowly and therefore does not require much effort. Taiji is a series of smooth and smooth exercises used to improve and maintain physical and mental health. In addition, art gives a sense of deep relaxation and therefore gives many common benefits. For more information about Tai Chi, search the web or find classes near your local directory.

If the above is not for you, other simple tips are to continue to do everyday things. It’s tempting to let family members run around shopping, cook, clean, etc. The movement here is important. Many people see retirement as a well-deserved vacation after years of hard work, but too often it’s just another word to refer to procrastination. Keep moving and get away from the daytime TV traps. Now you are at a happy point in your life when you can do what you want, not what you ask.

Playing golf, bowling, hiking, walking, shopping, decorating, gardening – other simple and exciting ways to stay active. The list is endless, but only you know if you are relaxing in a chair, and if so, it is only you and you can get rid of this terrible habit. Just say it to yourself; If so, it’s up to me.

In old age you don’t have to be vulnerable and depend on others. No matter where you are, you can always improve both your body and your mind, regardless of age. Take care of yourself and get more information to help you stay in shape and stay healthy as you get older. You deserve it!

There is an old English proverb; “A man gets old only when his dreams turn into regrets.” Oh, how true that statement is. When I traveled to the Nepalese Himalayas a few years ago, I even had to admit defeat at the top because I just didn’t have the strength to move on. At the time I was only 37 years old and I was in good shape but dominated by altitude, lack of air and very low temperatures.

So it was until the young traveller on the way back told me to keep going, because in the seventies there were two women at the top celebrating their achievement with a joint picnic for all who wanted them to join again.

On this earth there was no way that I was defeated by the old chicks, and I suddenly found myself with this new force that put me on my feet and pushed me to the limit until I collapsed, finally exhausted upstairs.

Unfortunately, two pensioners have since moved and descended from the north side of the top, but this incident has shown me that we have more to get up inside than we think if we just force ourselves to go the extra mile. I also came to the conclusion that in many respects physical form and well-being are associated with mental state. Of course, it is important to know its limits, but nowadays there is so much hype that it is dangerous and too much can lead to complications, etc.

These troubles with old ladies also shrugged off the old excuse that many of us use in our forties, regretting that we have done nothing, and using age as an excuse to make this regret a missed opportunity. Physical form and well-being of a person do not end with age. I’m not suggesting a 101-year-old and a 16-year-old great-grandmother do bungee jumps every weekend, but here I’m talking about perspective.

It’s time for people to bring back dynamism and vitality to their lives. It is time to get rid of procrastination and replace it with courage, enthusiasm, new life and abandonment of old age and fragility just because the media say it is necessary to slow down while young people take over. Obviously, if you start ‘moving’ again after years of inactivity, be sure to tell your doctor before making any major lifestyle changes, but if you are worried about your health and well-being, you will make an attempt to understand the meaning. into your life, no matter what.

Forget about countless recumbent diets, because they will not return your fitness and well-being, it is activity. Refuse to sit down and give up life. Get out of God’s waiting room and return to the playground of life. With a slight change in attitude and some guidance from knowledgeable people, you can be reborn if you want to do so strongly enough. The next chapter doesn’t have to be grim, and great things will really come true when you work for them.

Just before I’m done, I want to go back to my first paragraphs. At the time, I was traveling in West Asia and literally lost count of the couple of retirees I met who sold their family home, invested in new homes, smaller and more suitable ones, and used the money earned with the downgrade. traveling the world. All these old men had one thing in common. They did what they had always dreamed of, and refused to admit that their dreams in their youth remained dreams only because they were much older.

Fitness and well-being are often the focus. Healthy spirit, healthy body. The fact is that people who are active and have a real interest in life have far fewer physical and mental health problems than those who do not. How about you? Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your life journey?

Below you’ll find in a few words what you need to know about the subject:

  1. The best time to check your rest/minimum heart rate is early in the morning after a good night’s sleep.
  2. It is best to use an inexpensive pulse counter. Do not try to measure the pulse on the carotid artery or on the wrist, as this will lead to loss of time.
  3. This index is considered by experts to be one of the best fitness indicators and you should use it accordingly.
  4. Ideally you should aim for 60 or less. This means that you are in good physical shape.
  5. I recommend checking this setting at least once a month. If you have confirmed an uptrend, mobilize and try to reverse it.
  6. Some common factors that may temporarily increase your minimum heart rate at rest include:

Some drugs.
Chronic fatigue.

  • Excessive tension.
  • dehydration, etc.

For a 30-year-old man:

  • The minimum resting heart rate of 60-65 indicates a good level of fitness.
    ” Less than 60 years means he is in good shape.
  • From 70 to 75 is considered normal.
    Finally, more than 80-85 may indicate a problem.

Older people and women show slightly higher rates with the same level of fitness.

Seriously, keep in mind that just one year of constant exercise will reduce your resting heart rate by about 10 beats.

To your health!